Friday, March 4, 2011


Dear Fans,
I was waiting for calls. I was waiting for gifts. But my 4 month birthday came and went. For all my blog stalkers, look how much cuter I have gotten. I really have. Not just my mom tells me I'm pretty, everyone who sees me tells me. Why would they lie?

Dad loves me so much that he has given me his favorite spot on the couch.

So fresh and so clean, clean.

This was me at 1 month.

I'm so much longer now.

Dad makes me laugh. A lot.

You can still send me gifts, or give me a call.


  1. Dear Sofia,
    Happy 4th month birthday! Sorry I missed it. You are so beautiful! I love that your mom always posts pictures of you. I can't believe how big your getting. I love your big blue eyes...they're GORGEOUS!!! Hope you have a fun day with your mommy today. If you ever get bored with her, ask her to fly you out here with me. I can be a great mommy too. Love you forever!

    Tia Cam

  2. Fifers,

    I love that your genius parents are using the hippo I gave you as a measuring tool! You are getting so scrumptious!!! I think you'll be perfectly plump by Thankgsgiving dinner :) JUST KIDDING my gorgeous gordita!!! Love you!

    Tia Melody

  3. Hola mi querida Sofia,

    Un poco retrasado, pero los buenos deseos son los mismos mi princesa. Tu abuelito Hector y yo te queremos muchisimo y esperamos verte muy pronto. Por favor dile a tu mami que te tome fotos mas seguido para poder ver como creces tan rapido. Con amor, Carmy