Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Proud to be an American.

this seriously made me cry...

aren't they amazing??

Sunday, August 28, 2011

We are Back!

jeffrey, sofia, and i have been in perfect San Diego (20 degrees cooler, might i add) for the past week. i have lots of pictures for you to be jealous of. i love visiting the family. I just wish candice could've been there. by the way, i gained about 5 pounds while there. I'm not exaggerating because i ate too much, i literally gained 5 pounds. i blame it completely on our favorite taco shop, Lolitas. we went almost daily.

sofia loved these little thingys...i don't know what to call them

diego, my nephew, turned two. mel threw a cute little birthday party for him and we were so glad that we were in san diego for it!

meet diego.

my daddy and his grandkiddos:

my sis, melody, and diego.

hector, his baby enzo, and me.

sofia is so photogenic, don't you think?

except here...

my cousin, alec, tried to help sofia swim, though he doesn't swim either

we had a carne asada at my dads house, which is also where i gained a pound. the following pictures are at my dad's house.

my sisters: sarah, ceecee, and melody

the boys: jeff and hector (my bro), sofia looks like a boy here

porcia (sis-in-law) and my baby gap model nephew, enzo.

i want isabella to move to utah so she can be sofia's babysitter. she's excellent with kids. she doesn't seem like a 5 year old.

ok, i totally lied about sofia being photogenic...what happened here, sofia?

the love of my life. we're a cute couple, aren't we?

good to be back.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Just Showing Off...Or is She?

now remember, she's only 9 months. NINE months.

I'm so advanced from Jacqueline Crane on Vimeo.

is my life over?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

9 months

see. me. grow.

1 month:

4 months:

and now...9 months, i couldn't decide which one...and yes, she's holding a tylenol bottle:

sofia weighs 20 lbs. wowsers.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is it a boy or a girl??

boy or girl? how many of you, for a second, thought i was pregnant? fooled you. i just had to show jeff's favorite outfit.

the outfit is a lil snug. it's a 6-9 month. oopsie.

jeff is obsessed with the colts. can you tell?

check out these legs.

isn't this a glimpse into the future of what our boys could look like?  oooo i love this boy girl.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Change

remember the post when i was featured in julia's blog? go ahead, take a minute to look at the post.

we were in park city with another couple and i just had to go to the world market, because i LOVE it so much there (to me costco and target are like disneyland, world market is pretty close). anyway, i found some adorable knobs to put on sofia's white dresser. i'm so excited to move soon where i can completely decorate her room, it's going to be gorgeous. and you bet i'm going to post about it.

here's the white dresser before:

 cute right? especially since my next door neighbor gave it to us for free. we sanded it and painted it white. but it still just needed a little something more.

the only thing we have to fix is a little bit of paint that chipped off. minor detail.

i love the world market.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sofia the Movie

here is the imovie i made of sofia (0 to 6 months)...has everything from pregnancy pictures, to video footage of the hospital, to home videos of her doing nothing. pretty exciting. now, this movie is a bit longer, fair warning. it's more for my sister in virginia, who i know will watch it once, then make her hubby, joe, watch it, then watch it again alone (when she thinks no one is watching). the rest of you who aren't as obsessed with sofia as you should could skim through it (thats the beauty of technology these days). her debut...

(P.S. i made this video originally for jeff, for father's day, but had to do it over because we got a new computer and it didn't transfer!) oh and P.S.S don't mind her Mr. T hair mohawk. she no longer has that, thankfully!

Dear Dad2 from Jacqueline Crane on Vimeo.

does this make you a little bit more obsessed with her now? if not, watch it again.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Movie Preview

i made this trailer video of my baby preview the coming imovie i made of her. it's short, so enjoy it. the actual movie of her is not as short. this only took me about 15 minutes to create! i suggest putting it in full screen, there's a button for that on the movie (right next to the word "vimeo" on the bottom right.

Sofia Trailer from Jacqueline Crane on Vimeo.

impressed? excited to see the movie i made of her?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some Family Pics

at bear lake, traci shot a few pics of our familia. which one's your favorite?

i know i look the exact same in every single photo, but look at sofia! she is such a model, changes her pose for every shot. and even jeff changes it up a couple of times by taking off his glasses. i love my family. especially my husband. oh, and my favorite daughter.