Sunday, March 31, 2013

Playing Catch Up

i'm not dead. my camera chord isn't missing. i really have no excuse for not blogging. i need to do this because i quickly forget the cute things my kids are doing! you think you'll remember, i don't even remember what time sofia was born. anyway, a lot of things have i'm just going to type.

lucas you're 9 1/2 months. you still only have two teeth! sofia got teeth early, so this is new to me. you're also super tall. your 9 month appt is coming up...when you turn 10 months. oops, bad mom, forgot to schedule an appointment. i'm over it. yes, that's a leaf in your mouth. you eat about ten a day. apparently non toxic. you're still a mama's boy 100%. if i'm in the room, you have to be next to me. you flap your arms like a crazy boy when i come in to the room. makes me feel good because sofia was never a mama's girl. you think you can walk, but you can't. i'm so glad you can't.

every morning your pj is soaked. apparently you pee A LOT at night.

you two don't get along that well. sofia takes every toy away from you. she sits on you. she pushes you. she hits you. i'm so sorry. she does love you though. i can tell because she's always trying to make you laugh. she is also happy to see you first thing in the morning. i really love this picture.

you have really nice eye lashes, which isn't fair because both sofia and i don't have any. i love your face, and i kiss you a little too much.

sofia, you are two going on 15. you are so tall. everyone thinks you're 4. i love how tall you are! and you are so beautiful. you only like to wear dresses. to get you dressed every morning i have to tell you i'm putting on you cinderella's dress, or aurora. then i put some jeggings on underneath. although you'd rather not have clothes on. when we come in to your room in the morning, your pj AND diaper are usually off. we don't know exactly when you take them off. you also have stopped napping, which is completely driving me crazy. you're only 2!! not even 2 and a half! you shouldn't give up your nap till your at least 4! sorry, lot's of exclamation points, i really miss your nap. i guess maybe since you're the height of a 4 year old, and you act like a 15 year old you think you don't need naps anymore. you still have to be in your room for a while so mom can have some time without you.

lucas, you love the camera. you will laugh and smile whenever i tell you to. sofia loves to make you laugh by blowing this train whistle in your face. for some reason, you both think it's hilarious.

my best friend since 7th grade, amanda allred, visited me from korea! and her entire family was here too. i am in love with this family. i looked up to them so much in high school. amanda was my best friend through my really ugly, awkward, awful years and still stood by me. that's love. i'm so grateful for technology that lets me skype with her at least 2x a week.

just to show you how big lucas is right him to the pretty girl to the left. ellie is amanda's daughter who is almost 1. lucas had just turned 9 months here. see how big he is? also, sofia and claire (the beautiful toddler all the way on the left) are only 5 months apart. again, she towers over everyone her age.

i think you can tell which holiday we are celebrating here...

although the community festivities were no where near as amazing as last year, we still made the best of it. thanks to grandma queen, my kids were spoiled. i feel spoiled because i don't have to do anything as a parent. she sent them both easter baskets. a few weeks ago jeff said to me "why hasn't your mom sent sofia an easter dress yet?" i scolded told him we shouldn't "expect" my mom to do everything for our kids, but then told him "she has. she sent two. and shoes. and baskets."

we tell sofia to smile with her teeth...and this is what we get...

and this...

and this...

she's not so good at smiling with her teeth. it'll come with age. here she is in our yard hunting for eggs.

the next three pictures i had to post because in this first one, lucas is making a weird face...

and in this one, jeff is making a weird face...

and then this one i finally got good smiles!

we don't know what we're going to do in texas without tia ash! sofia loves her bi-weekly visits. and i love them more. she's the only one that'll play ring a round the rosies over and over and over and over with her. spoiled.