Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Baby Baby

Most people fear making wrong decisions as a parent, or have financial fears when starting a family, or fear of the baby growing up so fast. Not me. All I fear is labor, and it is time that I face my fear. As many of you know...I am pregnant. Sorry I have not posted it on the blog yet. To make up for it, here are some of my ultra sound pics. It's a girl and I love her already. I think she looks just like me.

In this picture, she is actually facing the camera, so you get a front view.

One of my favorite things, besides the butt, are the feet! Baby feet are so cute and don't smell and are so soft.

This is the easiest picture to see her. Her head looks the same size as her tummy, doesn't it? She is so pretty and we already have arranged marriages lined up for her.

They are not the best pictures, I had to scan them, and those pictures are so small. But, it's better than nothing. Her beauty just can't be captured in photography yet. Love you all.