Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh it's the Best.

What do I love most about being mommy?
  1. Other woman give me looks when I'm carrying her, it's like I can read their thoughts, "she's soo pretty." "I want one of those." "Look at her eyes!"
  2. Smelling her. Better than chocolate chip cookies in the oven
  3. She knows MY face
  4. Having complete control over her wardrobe. I wish I had complete control over Jeff's (he thinks cardigans on boys are too metro, I think he can pull it off, what do you think?)
  5. Bed time routine...we read a story together as a family (she actually looks at the words, then switches to the picture when we aren't reading the words anymore...genius!). Then we pray together, and I sing her a song. Love love love it.
  6. Her laugh. She thinks dad is the funniest guy in the world. So do I.
What could I live without?
  1. Waking up so often at night
  2. A few pounds I just can't seem to shed
  3. Shots. I could punch those nurses.
The good weighs out the bad, as usual. And look at this face...

So wide eyed, and curious. She hates to blink. She just doesn't want to miss a thing.


  1. You are such a great mom Jackie and Sofia gets lovelier by the minute!

  2. i cannot wait to see her!!! seth is just starting the wide open eye look and smiling tons and it's so hilarious, they really don't want to miss a thing.