Monday, May 20, 2013

Sisters Forever

last month i got to go to san diego (kid free) and it was the first time us 4 hermanas we together, in one state. i love my sisters so much, each one for different reasons.

ceecee. just got home from her mission. just moved in with me and jeff for a few weeks till she gets on her feet. we've missed her so much, but we're so grateful for her example of serving a full-time mission for our church. she has changed so much and my kids are LOVING living with her. i am so glad you're my sister.

candice. today's your 30th birthday. i can't believe it. i still remember playing cars and barbies with you. walking home with you when you were a big 6th grader. fighting over the remote (and hiding it) with you in high school. you are such a natural mom. so beautiful because there's not a bad bone in your body. i'm so glad you're my sister.

melody. the oldest. and wisest? not only are you the best party planner i know, and the BEST restaurant picker on the planet, but you also know how to make people feel special. you've always played the role of big sister to us, making sure to protect us all. I'm so glad you're my sister.

ariel. honorary sister. we've always counted you as our sister since the day you moved in with us. we fight with you just as much :). you spoil me. you spoil my kids and i wish you lived next door because i know you'd wash my dishes daily and make me (and sofia) as many scarves as we wanted. I'm so glad you're my sister.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 2013

boring title, i know. but, deal with it. this is what happened in the month of april...

1. general conference
traci, chad, and the stephenson crew came out to visit one last time before we move. sofia is always stoked when they come because she prances around like she has 4 older sisters. they really take care of her and treat her like a princess. it's hard when they leave, because i don't treat her like a princess. jeff and i love it when they come because they spoil us to death with gifts  and eating out (i gain an average of 4 pounds every time they've come).

lots of outside time at the park...

so sad that we won't have these general conference experiences with them anymore.

2. lucas is growing like a weed

lucas does this all day long, which really hurts our backs...

he is so tall! and skinny! wonder where he gets that? hmmm...

3. BYU graduation!

we are super proud of jeff for graduating with his master's degree from BYU. go babe!! he worked so hard and i can't be happier for him. although he's not finished with his education, we are a step closer to his career.

we were able to celebrate with his parents (grandpa crane and grandma crane), and also a few others that we rarely get to see (uncle joe, aunt janet, and grandma ruth)

i can't explain the love sofia has for her grandpas. i'm so jealous. i know that she is dave's favorite mexican granddaughter. hands down,

we love when the parentals visit. i think the grandkids love it even more.

this might have been the last BYU graduation for the crane family. ashley is the youngest and also graduated this spring (with her bachelors). go tia ash!

after dave and pauline left, some of my family members came in to town. sadly i didn't get ONE picture with tia Mary, aya, and alec. i will be searching their iphones to see if they got any!!