Sunday, November 3, 2013

my mama

you just look at your mom differently after you have had your own child. i can't believe that she got up with me at night when i was a newborn, that she changed my many many diapers, and rocked me to sleep when i cried for hours. and she's still taking care of me, and spoiling me and my family. i feel so lucky to have a mom that i cherish and love.

grandma rachel came in to town a day before my birthday. it's the first time spending my birthday with her in years. i love having my mama around. she's as clean as i am, and kept my home immaculate. mopped every night. dishes. laundry. organizing. you name it, she did it. even scrubbed my tub. i also asked her to practically plan sofia's third birthday party...and boy did she deliver. it's time like these where i want to live with her. i wish i had a chef, house cleaner, and nanny to watch my kids so that i can sleep and recover fully. just for 6 months, that's not too much to ask, right?

mama, thanks for keeping my house clean, spoiling my children, playing with them, and making sure i had time to rest and relax. i love you every time your heart beats.