Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lovin the Fam

Before we left to San Diego, Sofia got to meet her Aunt Emily and Uncle Bret. They came all the way from Virginia! I am very proud of this picture because her cheeks look big. She's a skinny girl and I want her to be chubbier.

Tio Bret didn't want to share her.

But Tia Emily got her way and stole Sofia from her husband! I'm hoping Sofia made her baby hungry so they can make another Zachary.

While down in San Diego, all my sisters and brother got together with daddy to eat. It's been a long time since we've all been home at the same time.

This is Candice and Joe who live in Virginia. They got the 5:00 am Sofia shift almost every morning (I miss those extra hours of sleep!).

This is Melody (Left), who looks AMAZING. The most beautiful I have ever seen her. She also spoils Sofia and has bought her the cutest H&M outfits ever. Sarah (right) is now in Bulgaria with her boyfriend. She'll be back in 3 months!

Me and my true love.

My little sister, Marlyn. She is almost finished at Chico State! I'm so excited for her to be finished.

My brother, Hector, married a beauty and makes gorgeous kids. Porcia does NOT look like she has had 2 children. Not fair. She probably weighed less than me while 9 months preggers (I mean when I wasn't pregnant). Isabella, my princess niece, is in their arms.

Enzo is one of the happiest babies I know.

My daughter's first Christmas was special. We made her match us. We should have done family Christmas photos in year, Heather?

Her eyes are so blue!

Tia Candice was so great with her. I just love this backside picture of Sofia!

I truly thought Tia Mary was going to steal her. I was scared.

But then I reminded Tia Mary that she has a cutie of her own. Meet Alec. Smiles at everything, loves everyone.

I thought Tia Ariel was going to steal her too. She bought her the prettiest headband that doesn't fit her yet. She looked like a showgirl in it.

Diego Potato. My handsome nephew. Son of Melody. He's got the longest eyelashes I've ever seen.

Alec's big bro, Noah. He is darling with babies. He wanted to be with Sofia night and day, well maybe not night.

My little sister, Ceecee, shaved her head this year. Not only was it on her bucket list, but our good family friend has cancer and a few of Ceecee's friends decided to shave their heads. I like this picture because her and Noah have the same haircut. Ceecee is on the left. Hehe. eyes?

Her Christmas dinner dress.

She is so pretty, don't you think?

California was wonderful and it was disheartening to come home to lots of snow, but it's good to be back.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy anniversary...

I'm a little late.

2 years ago, on November 29th, 2008, I married my best friend. Jeffrey Paul Crane was (and still is) the man of my dreams. He is even dreamier since I've seen him as a daddy. Here are a few of my favorite Jeff things:
*Fulfills his callings
*First thing he does when he gets home is kisses me
*Surprises me all the time
*Is a very thoughtful gift giver
* me hope for Sofia
* me hope for Sofia
*Amazing dresser
*Good looking
*His hair gets long in the summer
*Cooks for me all the time
*LOVES Sofia more than anything.

I love you, Babe. Happy anniversary.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sofia Sofia Sofia

These days our life revolves around one thing, or should I say, one person? Sofia. I took some pictures while my mom was here, and I am finally taking the time to post them. Motherhood is seriously the hardest thing I have ever done. EVER. But we love her so much and sometimes I just look at her and start crying (I cry everyday).

My favorite is when she is wide awake and not fussy. She looks around for hours sometimes.

Jeff thinks it's important that she watch college football with him on Saturdays, and read ESPN magazine on the other days. She's as interested as I am.

I love the sleepers that have the fake little shoes. She looks like she's posing here.

Jeff puts her in the cutest places. The other day he played hide and seek with her. He hid her in a basket. No one was assigned to find her. She didn't like the game so much.

She did, however, like this little koala spot in dad's jacket.

We are proud parents and boy do we love our little girl.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

And Then There Were Three

Wednesday October 27th, 2010
3:00 am
-Wake up with contractions. They must be fake, right? 20 min apart, 1 week early? Definitely false labor.
-Can't go back to bed.
-Go to work and suffer more contractions...yes, in front of my students, who are ready to catch her if she falls out of me. Because it's that simple, right?

5:00 pm
-Home from work, Jeff not home.
-Jeff comes home and contractions are 5 min apart. Tears in my eyes from holding it in all day at school.

6:00 pm
-Arrive at Utah Valley Hospital
-They take care of a woman in front of me first who is only checking her blood pressure...while I am CLEARLY having contractions 3 min apart now. What is wrong with the world?

6:30 pm
-Finally admitted to the hospital
-Jeff keeps me smiling and laughing by dancing, singing, and being his cute self.

7:00 ish pm
-Heather Bliss arrives to document the whole thing on camera. She took many pictures, these are just a few. So glad she was there to capture these precious, sacred moments.
-Thank you, Heather.

-Drugs come...I loved the epidural
-My nurse checks me and I am dilated to a 6/7.

10ish pm
-Mr. Doctor comes to break my just half hour time I had dilated to a 9!
-Mom was right, we Latinas are made for labor.

11:20ish pm
-I start pushing! Apparently my nurse says I am an amazing pusher. Is that a talent to add to my list now?

12:15 pm
-Dr. Savage arrives, pretty much to catch my baby.

Thursday, October 28th, 2010
12:31 am
-Sofia Mae Crane enters our lives
-She is wide awake, not crying, and just looking around, soaking it in.

Still not crying. I love her already.

The Crane family.

Proud Mommy. Happy the labor is over and done with...little does Mom know how hard this up coming week will be for her.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Sumo

We both really love Halloween. It's my birthday month, fall is gorgeous, and Jeff gets free candy. We went to a Halloween party last Saturday. Jeff came up with our costumes about 3 hours before the party.

Sumo wrestlers. Of course.

We won the table contest. If you reach in the black either get a trick or a treat. Only one box had candy, and the rest...gross stuff that Jeff came up with.

Jeffrey found it really hard to sit down. For once he knew the feeling of pregnancy. He looks cuter fat than I do.

My little Prete twins. A cat and perfect. Hendrix is a big canidate for Baby Crane's future husband. He is a looker.

Still no Baby Crane out yet.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oops, he did it again...

My husband did it again. Swept me off my feet. This was my birthday weekend so he planned a surprise Baby/BirthdayMoon. On Wednesday night we drove up to Park city. He booked us at the Silver King's what our studio suite looked like (kind of...this is a pic off the internet because I didn't take any)

On Thursday we spent the day in Park City together. We realize that time spent alone together is going to be missed once Baby Crane takes over our lives. We shopped at the outlets and ate a lot.

My birthday gift was a new phone. My old one was about 5 years old, given to me by my little sister after she bought a new iphone. I love my new phone.

A few of you have asked for some preggo pics. This is me...9 months preggo.

The drives in Park City were amazing. Since it's fall, everything is changing colors and it was breathtaking.

Here are some outfits we bought for baby. Jeff picked them out and I LOVE the gray one.

Friday we spent the day in Salt Lake. We went to the temple, then to Tucanos where I was almost induced into labor because of the amount of food I ate. There was just no room for a baby in there. It was delicious. That night we went to a musical where I fell in love with a little boy's voice. I love it when boys can sing higher than girls. We saw "Oliver." (Yes, my husband planned this and took me to a musical.) He bought M&M's for "halftime."

Saturday we went to the farmers market in SLC and then headed back to Provo where we had a nice dinner at Gloria's Little Italy, and then saw Toy Story 3D. It was a perfect get away, with my perfect husband.

His favorite part of the whole trip...the amazing car wash he found. Now he wants to take our car up there EVERY time to get a car wash. Oh no..