Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tag Team

So my husband is really, really amazing at waking up to help me at night. I know, I'm lucky. Boo to all you husbands out there who think it's only the mom's job! Shame on you. I have a full time job, and being a mom is WAYYYY harder than having a full-time job, x 10. Anyway, so I love him.

However, he's really, really delusional at night. Two nights ago I was having trouble finding her pacifier in the dark and woke up Jeff because he was the last one to have it. (Have it, not use it). He looked at me, 3 am, and said, "I have to choose a University." I smiled and patted him back to sleep. We are in the middle of deciding where to go to Grad school.

Last night Sofia was crying and I thought maybe she was face down in her crib, so I asked Jeff to check on her. I had to shake him hard because he doesn't even hear her cry.

Anyway, I said, "I think she's face down, can you check?"
He replied, "Like Gonzaga?"

I think he's watching too much March Madness.

Those aren't the only things he has said, but those were the past two nights. I should keep a journal.

What a guy...


  1. oh my gosh, mike is the same way and sometimes i do scribble down things he's said it is so hilarious :)

  2. Why didn't he say "Like the University of Oregon??"