Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Would You Rather

Most of you know that I am a 6th grade teacher. A lot of times I get asked questions that have nothing to do with anything. For example, "Mrs. Crane, would you rather lick the bottom of your own shoe, or taste your pee?" Gross, really?

So, I thought of a few "would you rather" questions for you moms out there. You can answer a few in the comments (even if you're not a mom, Cambo).

1. Would you rather change having your husband carry and deliver the baby, or have him nurse?
2. Would rather your husband take ALL the night time wakes, or have dinner ready every night?
3. Would you rather wash dishes or scrub the toilet?
4. Would you rather your husband tell you you're beautiful, or skinny?
5. Would you rather have your kids nap well during the day (so you can get things done), or sleep through the night (so you can get some rest)
6. Would you rather your kids be smart, or honest?
7. Would you rather your in laws visit every other day, or never see them again?
8. Would you rather have all boys or all girls?
9. Would you rather eat whatever you want and not gain a pound during nursing, or lose all your pregnancy weight right at birth?
10. Would you rather get rid of leg cramps during pregnancy, or swollen feet?

Just thought it'd be fun. Here are my answers...don't let them sway you!

1. Nurse...100%
2. ALL the night time wakes
3. scrub the toilet
4. beautiful
5. sleep through the night
6. honest
7. in laws visit every other day
8. Now that I have had Sofia...all girls! I dream was all boys, now I can't even picture having a boy!
9. Eat whatever I want and not gain a pound during nursing (I LOVE eating)
10. Get rid of leg cramps during pregnancy. I had soooo many!!


  1. 1. Carry and deliver the baby.
    2. Dinner ready at night.
    3. Scrub the toilet.
    4. Beautiful.
    5. Sleep through the night.
    6. Honest.
    7. Tough one. But for my husband's sake, visit every other day.
    8. I already have one (almost two) boys so I am going to go with all boys.
    9. Lose all the pregnancy weight right at birth.
    10. Swollen feet.

  2. 1. nurse....after i had archie i thought "sweet! lets do it again tomorrow!" And after breastfeeding, I dont know if archie wil ever have a sibling...
    2. have dinner ready every night
    3. scrub the toilet
    4. beautiful, butif he didnt tell me i'm skinny too I'd go anorexic...I'm serious.
    5. nap well during the day
    6. If they're smart they'll be honest!
    7. I like merkleys answer...Tough one. But for my husband's sake, visit every other day.
    8. All boys!
    9. Lose all your pregnancy weight right at birth
    10. I didnt have either so I dont know...

  3. 1carry and deliver
    3dishes, i just can't them done fast enough and i have to see them all over the counter all day, if my toilet was in the middle of the kitchen i might change my mind :)
    5 if you mean forever then i'd pick night, but if you just mean during the napping years i'd pick day time naps
    6i'll steal breanne's answer here
    7every other day
    8 i can't answer this i want both
    9 Sorry but this doesn't apply to me! :)
    10 cramps, i didn't get swollen, i'd take cramps over my vericose veins though

    Fun post Jackie, hope Sofia is loving her new tooth!

  4. 1. Not sure. I want to carry it, I just don't want to deliver it. Also, I think joe would look funny with boobs. :)
    2. Dinner. Definitely Dinner! I hate cooking!!!
    3. Toilet...Yuck!
    4. Beautiful
    5. Sleep through the night
    6. honest
    7. every other day
    8. Girls! Girls! Girls!
    9. Eat anything I want and not gain a pound
    10. Swollen feet i think, but we'll see

  5. 1. Nurse. As long as he didn't get man boobs!
    2. I just want him to tell me what to make and I'll make it.
    3. Wash dishes
    4. Beautiful
    5. Naps through out the day.
    6. Popular...oh wait was that not an option. I guess honest.
    7. Visit every other day.
    8. Girls, girls, girls!
    9. Lose all the weight at birth!!
    10. I hated my swollen feet that began at the end of my FIRST trimester!