Friday, September 24, 2010

Do I Deserve This?

Yesterday I had Parent/teacher conferences. I worked from 7:30 am-8:30 pm. My feet looked like Shrek's. I was exhausted, and the night before I could NOT sleep (got about 3-4 hours). So, I came home moody, hungry, and tired. Not a good combo. My husband wasn't home yet from his meeting. He strolled in about 8:45 pm with a gift bag in his hand.

He handed me a card that looked like the following...

I kept thinking, "no, I don't know what day this is...oh no, did I forget something?" Then I opened the card and it read...

Then he wrote a mushy, make me cry, letter about why I deserve these gifts. I would post his letter, but I don't want to embarrass him, and make you all mad at your husbands. He thinks I deserve everything because I'm making his baby right now.
Here is what was in the bag...

A few of my favorite things...Hi Chew fruit candy, Noni chews, lotions from Bath and Body Works, my favorite fresh fruits (mangoes, peaches, which is what I crave the most as a preggo woman), a gift certificate for spa pedicure, and a gift certificate for a "60 Minute Maternity Massage."

Husband of the year award? Father of the Year award? I think so. I cried so much last night...and finally not out of pain or exhaustion. Jeffrey, I love you every time your heart beats.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nursery Time

Sometimes there are people in the world that think they are doing you a favor, and are really not. They actually just made your life harder. This happened to me this week when our landlord decided to be "nice" and put in new carpet. Unfortunately, he put in HOT PINK carpet in the baby's room. He insisted on the color because "it was his wife's favorite color"...and also because "it is my gift to your little baby girl." What do you say to this 94 year old man who thinks he's being kind. Little does he know that I LOATHE pink. Nothing in my nursery is pink. Sad day. Thankfully, I have a husband who can help me laugh about it, and a friend who takes me to Bed Bath and Beyond an hour later to find an area rug to cover it. I have a good life.

This is the pink carpet, next to the kitchen floor. Lime green and hot pink. Heather so kindly put it as a beautiful watermelon collection.

My friends Heather and Camille helped me put a lovely wall decal up.

It's a bird theme, if you haven't noticed. My baby girl is a Crane...a bird...get it? Yes?

At my baby shower in Cali, my little cousin, Audrey, made me a beautiful blanket for her Young Women's project. Brought tears to my eyes when I found it and saw that there were little patches of pink to tie my nursery together with my new, awesome carpet. I love you Auds. You can also see the area rug I bought to cover most of the carpet.

This was Diego and Alec's cradle and I think it is just perfect. I love it. Thanks Mole and Mer for letting me borrow it. I hope your boys didn't throw up and fart in it too much. My baby girl won't do that kind of stuff.