Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Spare Time

many of you know that I have recently become a "House Mom." i don't know why i capitalized it, or why i put it in quotes. anyway, this upcoming year is going to be quite challenging for jeffrey and i, financially. we are going from 2 full-time incomes, to ZERO full-time incomes. yikes. mom, can you keep buying sofia's clothes, please?

i have been thinking about starting to do something productive with my spare time...well, something that i can make money off of. for example, my friend julia-the furniture lady. or my friend, sarah-the sewing/headband lady. i mean, these women are AMAZING. but, i can't sew a button, and my furniture would be a joke. so, what am i good at? weirdly enough, making   i-movies. i've made one of sofia, one for our wedding, one for our one year anniversary, also for my 6th grade class, and family reunions, etc. i had to take technology classes while teaching, and they taught me a lot about i-movie.

so, i want your sincere opinion. i would love to work with photographers and have this be part of a package deal they sell. i'm going to put an example of a quick i-movie i put together of our wedding. would you want one of these as part of a package deal with your professional wedding pictures? am i being dumb here, or could i really do this?? how/where do i even get started?

disclaimer. beware ruiz, zelayas, cranes, stephensons, and wrights...lots of pics of you. my apologies. siweks...i don't know why jared didn't take many of you. oops.

JeffandJackie from Jacqueline Crane on Vimeo.

comment...i want your true feelings/opinions.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crane Reunion 2011

one thing i love about jeff is his family. i say this not because I know they read my blog, but seriously, i LOVE them. a few things we did: eat, talk, play "dangerball", eat, outside games, day at the lake, eat more, family home evening, and the famous talent show.

i warn you now that there are a lot of pictures, but I wanted to put my favorite video first, so you don't miss it. the Crane family has an annual talent show, and you always have to bring your A game. we brought our game face for sure. it was special this year because each talent was dedicated to jeff's dad for his 60th birthday. so, to the beginning of the video its a slow song that jeff's mom and dad sang to all the grandchildren a couple years ago...we are re-inacting it (then it changes songs). sofia is on the left (8 months), seth in the middle (6 months) and wellsley (3 months). wellsley couldn't do as much as the other kids, which is why he is laying down (can't sit up yet), and a few times you see his head disappear because he can't hold it up yet.

Talent Show from Jacqueline Crane on Vimeo.

this is kelli.  she used to live in utah, now lives in kansas and i hate kansas for taking her from me.

logan was A LOT smaller the last time i saw him. now he's taller than me, with a very deep voice.

jeff's real other half.

my other half.

blake, with his popped collar, was so welcoming. love him. 

emily, on the left, announced she's preggers!! #5! brooke (on the right), not pregnant. would probably cry if she were (she has a 6 month old)

all the boys were matchy matchy with their BYU sweet 16 shirts. adorable. camille, show this to tij.

getting ready for the big talent show!

at the "beach" with maddie. i don't know what i'd do without her!

my babe and maddie's fell asleep together. touching.

why is my husband wearing his mom's hat?

the wrights

the texas cranes
 i put this next pic in not for you to see me in a bathing suit (post baby, ew)...and with no make-up...but so you can see the "beach" behind me. i put beach in "quotes " because to me it's not a beach! to me a beach has an ocean. but apparently everyone calls it a beach because theres sand. it sure is beautiful and way better than no "beach", right?

sofia loves g'pa

we love going to bear lake for our reunion. the cranes are an amazing family, i look up to them tremendously. they way they rear their children, the manner in which they treat their spouses, and their love for each other. i'm grateful to have married in to this wonderful family.

Friday, July 22, 2011

See Me Fly

is there anyone else out there that have husbands who throw babies around like rag dolls? i'm actually secretly glad that jeff does it. although i stop breathing when he throws her too high, or tries a new trick, or even does it over concrete (gasp). i know he loves it...and so does she.


See Me Fly from Jacqueline Crane on Vimeo.

well, we are off to bear lake today. stay posted for that post! should be fun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


all day today I have been thinking about my 4:00 pm dentist appointment. i  have 3 cavities. THREE!! wowsers. i don't know what it is about needles that just freaks me out. come on, i've gone through labor and i'm still scared of the dentist?

anyway, all i have to say is: i. love. my. new. dentist. as soon as i got there, they put one of these on me...

yes, laughing gas. and i did laugh. then they numbed me. then they put the needle in to numb even more. i didn't feel the needle! it was fabulous.

i completely recommend my dentist.

jeff loved me when i got back because i was so loopy. he tried really hard to make me laugh, mainly because i couldn't smile, and i didn't know when i was drooling. he also tried to make out with my numb face. not successful.

Monday, July 18, 2011

She is Way too Mobile.

sofia is growing. too fast. way too fast. this is a picture of sofia way back in april. she wore this outfit as a dress.

now she has to wear it as it's supposed to be worn, as a shirt with shorts. look at her belly. and look how light her hair is getting! makes me so sad, i wanted her to have my hair color.

also, she crawls faster than i can walk. it kind of scares me. one second she's in the living room, playing with toys, the next she's in the kitchen looking at her reflection in the oven window.

She's so Mobile from Jacqueline Crane on Vimeo.

sorry she sounds like a puppy. she has a stuffed nose, and apparently can't breathe out of her mouth.

Friday, July 15, 2011

I've Talked about Her Before...

Friends, I've told you about my amazing friend, Julia. She's the furniture gal who turns ugly ducklings into swans. Anyway, she's doing a giveaway! Check it out. I put her button to the right (551 East Design) and put some pics below to show off just how awesome she really is.

Here's a before:




I was really really sad that both of these pieces sold so quickly. I secretly hoped Julia would save them for me to buy them in 10 years when I could afford them. One day...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Bliss

I love pizza. I love the grill. Why not grill pizza? I was hesitant, but it was a total success. We had our besties over, the Bliss, as our guinea pigs. They love me enough to come back to eat if the pizzas didn't turn out. But boy did they turn out. Take a look.

These kiddos make me happy.

Not sure why he's making this face...but do the Crane boys ever need an explanation for making faces?

Don't these look Amazing? Delicious? DIVINE.

Sofia got a package this week. She gets more packages than I do. Actually, I can't remember the last time I got one. Anyway, it was from her Tia Candice in Virginia. She made her an outfit. What a good Aunt. The "S" stands for Sofia, not Superbaby. Although either works. She stood by herself 3x yesterday.

Despite all the toys we have for her, she loves this wooden spoon. Her second favorite thing? A red spatula. She is sooo teething.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Promised You...

the longest post in history. here we go. feel free to get a drink, use the bathroom, or even answer a call from your mom while reading.  I better get at least one comment to make this worth it. 

jeff and i got 7 Peaks water park season passes, so we have been going there a lot with sofia. she loves every minute of it. i tried going by myself a couple times, and soon found out that dad is way more fun than mom. 

love the legs

a few weeks ago was the long awaited blessing of Wells Crane (maddie, i'm going to be honest, i still don't know how to spell his name. Welsley? Wellsley?). we went up to SLC and got to see the little man. love love love him, and can't wait to see him again in just a couple weeks. Bear Lake!


she is really really good at all of Jeff's tricks now.

for some reason, Sofia always goes for the eyes...

i love it when family is around. jeff's side or mine. doesn't matter. i can't get enough of family.

this was Jeff's first official father's day. i tried to do a photo shoot with sofia for a picture collage card i wanted to do. i was not successful. take a look...

it was tough. but it ended up being really cute. jeff has the collage hanging in his office, i think.

anyway, as a family, we have been working on having family home evenings. so this is one of our activities to the waterfalls. sofia loved it.

her favorite spot is on dad's shoulders. on top of the world.

she is growing so fast, isn't she?

yep, her eyes are still a beautiful blue.

my cousin, zoe, came for a visit right before going to a byu camp called soar (EFY for brown people). of course we went to 7 peaks. we loved having her visit for a few days. it was love at first sight for sofia.

we went up to park city this past weekend for another baby blessing. jenna marie stephenson. my beautiful niece (traci and chad's 6th child). unfortunately i forgot the camera!! i only had to pack for one child and only for a day...traci, how do you do it for 6 children for a week?? traci, if you have a picture i can use, send it and i'll post it asap!

i love the fourth of july! jeff and i haven't really been able to enjoy it the past couple of years. we kind of enjoyed this one, but again, we did  too much and were too busy. we do love our friends though. jeff camped out over night with "the boys" to get a good spot at the parade. sofia ended up sleeping through the whole thing, so i missed it. we had a big breakfast at our best friends, the Bliss. After was our bbq, with our friends below, plus the Zelayas and rebekah allred.

look at jeff here...

and here...

tia Mary and the kiddos have been here for a week and i am loving it! even uncle joe came. alec is a gem. noah is huge. audrey is beyond gorgeous. zoe is too smart. tia, you're too perfect.

they thought it would be funny to spike sofia's hair using milk. nice. she looks like one of the lollipop kids from wizard of oz.

today i absolutely loved her outfit, so i had a little photo shoot. she also found my vanity and had way too much fun with her new friend named reflection.

doesn't she look HUGE here? love the eyes closed.

told you she is big. 8 months already. i know, i can't believe it either.

this is our new macbook pro. i love it. the keys are fresh. no scratches. smooth. gorgeous. sofia, it's off limits. no joke.

i am back to blogging! i missed it so much.