Sunday, December 27, 2009

My First Crane Christmas

Although I missed my family in San Diego, the perfect weather, all the traditions I am used to, eating my nana's tamales, and snuggling with my sisters...I am happy to report that my first Christmas with the Cranes was a success. They have a few of the same traditions that my family has (i.e. caroling, eating a lot), which was very comforting. I thought a lot about my mom and the rest of the family, especially my beautiful sisters. However, it was great to bond with my mom-in-law and my sisters here (even though not all of you were here)...I was so glad to have Ash, Maddie, and Brooke! This was also one of the first times when the Crane family gathered together and there weren't 15 grandchildren, there were only two this time. I really got to bond with Cohen and Eden.

This is what we did with our free time. Played on my mac with photobooth.

We took the bart down to San Francisco to go shopping. This was Eden and Cohen's first time on a "choo choo." The pictures are of Jeff with his brothers, I love seeing them play together. We spent the whole day shopping, along with the rest of the San Fran population, it was so crowded. Oh, and did I mention it rained? I actually didn't mind too much.

Someone had to be Santa this year...guess who it was? Just look at the eyes. Diego, I wish I could have spent the time with you!

This is us in the city. I want a a tree like this one. In our house.

My mom-in-law gave each of her daughters a beautiful apron. Each fit our personality. The far left is Jeff's youngest sister, Ashley. Then it's me, Brook and her daughter Eden, then Maddie.

One of the traditions in the Crane family is to turn on loud music (more specifically N'Sync) and dance in the kitchen. We missed you Kelli, Rhino, Traci, Chad, Bret, and Emily. We'll do it again Christmas 2011. Be there.