Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So Much to be Happy About...

This past weekend was such an eventful one, one definitely to smile about and remember. First off, our family came from all over the nation for two very important events. My Jeffrey has graduated from BYU! Wuhoo. I am so proud of my hunk. We are not finished with school yet...on to grad school and PHD. I have yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sorry, Jeffrey. Anyway, we had family from Virginia, Oregon, California, Texas and Utah here. Jeff's family is incredible. They are constantly setting great examples for the both of us and we love spending time with them.

My little sis, Ashley, also went through the temple for her mission. We are sad to see her leave for the summer...who else will we watch Biggest Loser with? Seriously, sad. But we are super excited for her to go on her mission so we can send her long, boring letters about our lives.

Baby Eden with Uncle Jeff

Jeffrey with his parents and grandma Ruth

Oh how we love the Wrights. You are not allowed to leave Utah until we leave, deal? This is Jeff's older sister, Kelli.

Another thing that happened this weekend was one of my best friends wedding. Mari Serrao is now Mari Oto. I absolutely love weddings. Everything about them...meeting up with old friends, dressing up, seeing the beautiful bride glowing, remembering my own wedding, and eating delicious stuff that you didn't have to make. What's not to like? I wish Jeffrey could have gone with me, but since family was here, he was off the hook. Mari looked perfect. Happy, beautiful, and confident. They way a bride should look.

Introducing Richard and Mari Oto

I was very happy when my favorite little girl walked in with Eva.

Jeffrey and I love weekends like this where we remember what life is all about. Family, friends, and happiness. Thanks for everyone who came to share these special moments with us!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mari's Bridal Shower

There is a blog post coming about my Virginia trip...but before my trip, I threw a shower for one of my best friends, Mari. She is getting married next Saturday (graduation weekend). It was a shower with only 8 of her close friends (she had a bigger one with other friends, but ours was more intimate). Here are a few pictures of the shower.

Mari's fiance's name is Richard. I found these napkins at Michaels...thanks Mom for the tips!

Our theme was "Girls Night In." We all dressed up like we were going out on the town and had a nice sit down dinner with fancy drinks. Her wedding colors are green (pear and sprouts) and white.

I love excuses to throw if you ever have an excuse, let me know and I will throw you a party.