Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Official

you know when you get engaged, buying the dress makes it more official. or when you get a job, it doesn't feel official until you actually get your first paycheck. am i right here?

well, i feel the same way with a baby. we are pregnant. by "we," i mean me. i like to take the credit because i'm doing most of the work. anyway, today we found out it's a boy. it really made it official once we found out the gender.

my whole life i've wanted all boys. that quickly came to an end with our first little woman. don't get me wrong, i'm sooooo excited, but now i'm thinking, "what am i supposed to do with a boy? and what do we name him?"

all the same fears that i had with sofia are back, and i think no matter how many kids you have, it doesn't go away.

looks like i'm ok to have another baby shower right?? i know it's weird here in UT to have another one...but everywhere else it's ok! plus, it's a boy! it's another world.
P.s. i'm due in June.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

special delivery

what would we do without grandma queen? sofia got a special delivery in the mail yesterday, filled with clothes, a book, a new owl purse, 2 bowls, and socks. oh, and a couple shirts for me (love that my mom doesn't forget me). doesn't matter how old you are...when the UPS truck, fedex man, or mail man pulls up with a box, we all run to the window...

my fav in the box...a black trench coat for next fall. doesn't it look like a big girl coat??

she was ecstatic, to say the least. i wanted to get these next pictures in to show Ariel that she finally fits in to the shirt she bought her when she was born. she's representing her Tia Aya. amo.

and this one is to show how light her eyes and hair color are. crazy huh? yep, she's mexican.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What a Grrreat Winter

for me. not for others, though (i know a lot of people depend on snow). anyway, it has snowed 2 or 3 times (i can't even remember). which makes me a VERY happy person. it did snow once last week and the sun melted it almost immediately, but i did get pictures of sofia playing in it.

don't laugh at her outfit, i put everything on her to keep her warm. she's also wearing her thick pj's underneath this, which is why she looks extra thick. look at those legs...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Julia's Giveaway

My friend Julia...the furniture lady...is having a giveaway. Visit 551eastdesign.blogspot.com ! LOVE free stuff.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

i promised more

we are finally home. it's so nice. sofia has been in a pack 'n play, in our room, for 2 weeks. yikes. it's so good to have her in another room. sorry sofia.

san fran was amazing, to say the least. we went to sonoma, ca for a day and it was gorgeous. here are a few pics from that day.

oh jeff. poor sofia.

my nephew, Wells.

i couldn't believe how many pics i have with me and sofia. usually i'm taking all the pictures, and only sofia and jeff are in them!

double chin (sofia, mine isn't showing here, might be in other photos).

some cute family pics...

oh this girl makes me smile...

jeff and his brothers are sooo alike...

my nephew, seth, sofia, and my other nephew, wells. i can't wait to show this picture to them in 18 years when they are at BYU together...

i really do have the best sis-in-laws in the world.

christmas morning outfit.

back to our day in sonoma. this picture depicts sofia well. free spirited. dad wrapped around her fingers.
p.s. i love this huge blue chair. makes jeff look tiny.

here's my double chin :)

she escaped from us way too many times. she is sooo fast.

the boys took a break and went to an NBA game. kings vs. bulls. jeff didn't know whether to wear his bulls shirt (bc he's a huge chicago fan) or his BYU shirt (bc he's a huge jimmer fan). he went with his bulls shirt.

this is 3 of jeff's siblings. don't they all look so different? we definitely missed bret and kelli. matt, where were you for this picture?

again, i LOVE my sis-in-laws. LOVE that i don't have drama with any of them.

the only picture i took with just the two of us. i love this guy.

hope you enjoyed.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

christmas preview

it's always a bummer when i don't get to spend my christmas in beautiful san diego, with my big mexican family that i love so much, but my second best is pretty darn good too. san fran was a gem this year, and the cranes are the best in-law bunch i could ask for.

here's a preview of our christmas with the cranes. these are all photos from other's cameras because i'm actually still in san fran, and i forgot my camera cord in provo. so they'll be more to come. if i get around to it...

jeff's lil sis, Ash, came home from her mission. there was 2 nieces and 2 nephews that she hadn't met yet. the kids were ecstatic to see her.

christmas eve dinner...after caroling. quick story...we caroled at this one house and a teen girl answered in a bikini. it was quite awkward singing "joy to the world" to her. her family wasn't home. but who is home alone on christmas eve...in a bikini?? at least it was a red one. i tried to cover jeff's eyes.

we also acted out the nativity, thanks to the cute costumes that brooke made. amazing.

there's aren't many pics of sofia, jeff, or i (because again, it's not my camera)...so here's one of sofia in her christmas pjs.

told you it was just a sneak peek. more to come. i promise. i get home tomorrow night.