Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lucas J

this boy is growing faster than a weed. seriously. can you believe he just turned one? what?? wasn't i just recovering from delivery? oh, yeah, i feel like i'm still recovering...yet i'm 6 months pregnant with another. sigh.

here's the update on my favorite son. best son, hands down.

weight: 21 lbs (30%) he's so skinny! like father like son
length: 31.5 in (90%) he's so tall! like father like son

someone once called him Taco Jeff because he is a small, mexican version of jeff. maybe that's why i love his face so much. maybe that's why i'm so obsessed with him. maybe that's why i can't get enough of him.

when his hair is wet, jeff likes to play with it...

tia ceecee calls this face the "asian hippo." i hope that doesn't offend anyone. he has buck teeth like a hippo.

my kids are total carnivores. sofia would eat 10 sausages if i let her. he loves bacon. it's kind of gross. they get that from jeff.

we picked our cherry tree this week, so i had to include some cute pics of sofia. she just looks so big and grown up...she's only two. two. can you believe that?

my favorite boys. ever.

grandma rachel bought lucas this wagon for his first birthday. the cadillac of wagons. equipped with an umbrella, 6 cup holders, cooler, and it turns in to a bench seat. a-m-a-z-i-n-g. jeff and i want an adult size one. and for someone to pull us around in it. p.s. they aren't making weird faces, they are eating grapes. fitting, right?

they are obsessed with the wagon. we use us twice daily.

sofia ate her first cupcake at 1. so we did the same for lucas. ps. this is NOT a shirt, it's a big bib...

lucas j,
your father always calls you "lucas j jefferson j." you are walking like crazy. you have a very high, kind of girly, squeal when you cry. you're really tough considering you have to defend yourself daily from your big sis. you still want mom to hold you all the time (which is not fun with my 6 month belly). we call you "pigeon" because you walk from person to person with your mouth open during dinner time, and will eat anything we put in your mouth (but not when you're in your high chair). you kick both of your feet, frantically, when you're excited (we compare it to a puppy wagging it's tail). you smile at everyone. you are the biggest cuddle bug ever. and not just with me or dad, with anyone who will carry you. we love how you bob your head any time you hear music, and how you applaud whenever there is applause on tv. i can't tell you how much i love you. you have made my life so wonderful this past year. i'm so obsessed with your face. sorry i kiss you so much. i really can't help it. love you every time your heart beats. happy birthday (last week).

mom and dad.