Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today is June 23. My baby cousin, Audrey, is 14 today. I can't believe it. I remember the day my Tia brought her home from the hospital. I call her Drew. This is why she amazes me:
1. She sings better than Mariah
2. Dances better than half the people on SYTYCD
3. Has the straightest teeth ever
4. You can trust even a newborn with her
5. She has a Cindy Crawford mole that is gorgeous
6. She has legs longer than the Nile.
7. Let's me touch her skin
8. Doesn't have to blow dry her hair, or wear make up
9. Has a strong testimony
10.chooses her family over her friends

Auds pods, drew. I love you. Feliz cumpleanos.

Isn't she pretty?

She's the one all the way on the left. In the pink. Modest. Love it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

September 28

Why is that date significant? Not only is it the day Toronto became Capital of Ontario, Indonesia became part of the united nations, yes and even the ITT building was burned down in NYC in protest. But it is also the day my baby sister goes in to the MTC. She is going to the Denver south, Colorado mission. Mexican, I mean, spanish speaking.

I am so proud of my chewy. She has been preparing spiritually for this her whole life and I have no doubt that she is ready.

Best advice I could give her? Keep the Savior in your thoughts 24/7. Yes, even dream about him. That sounds kind of creepy. Also, be the companion that everyone wants. Just like everyone wants jimma Lopez as a visiting teacher.

Sofia can't wait to write to you. Denver is only 6 hours away. You're lucky Melody isn't 6 hours away...

September 28 is also Hillary Duffs birthday. What an important date.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I have followers!

Your comments made my day! More than just my mom reads this! So, for Sofia's followers I will do everything in my power to update this. Pictures will be coming as soon as we order our new Mac.

Please tell me if my child is a physically fit prodigy:

-5 months...crawled for the first time (reverted to army crawl for a bit)
-6-7 months... got her first tooth
-7 months... can now pull herself up to the couch and STAND. Oh no. She's really really good at this. Pulls herself up to a lot of objects and stands. She also scoots herself (walks) while holding the couch. Wow.

What is next?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sad sad

So, I don't have a computer right now, just our iPad...which doesn't upload pictures. So, I haven't updated my blog in FOREVER. I like to think some of you are disappointed other than my mom. Or is my mom the only one that reads this? Either someone let me come use their computer or you all cant stalk me for a while. Just thought you all would like to know where I have been lately. I need more followers...I have 1025 or so friends on facebook, but only 25ish followers. So sad. I'm sure half of my followers don't even check this! Haha. Anyone out there?