Sunday, July 8, 2012

a quick visit

we got to see jeff's sister, traci, and her 6 kids. and it was glorious. it was only for the morning, but we loved every minute of it. they live in bend, oregon and were in park city for the weekend. i actually stole these pictures from traci's blog.

we went to kneaders, our fav breakfast stop.

look at this cute kid. i LOVE lucas...

this is traci. she has SIX kids. i know, i know, it doesn't look like it. doesn't she look amazing?? not fair. hopefully sofia has the crane genes and not my thighs.

i love it when sofia runs through the sprinklers. she does it often. i would to, if i wasn't so worried about re-doing my hair :)

it was a glimpse of what our family reunion will be like. sofia had so much fun with her primos!