Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Should I quit?

I have to say that I do brag about the privileges of being a teacher (you know, paid summers off, gifts on every holiday, kids think you're a god, blah blah blah). I seldom vent (except to my poor hubby) on my blog about the disadvantages of being a teacher. Here is how my week has been (names have been changed, of course):

1. Dorey didn't show up, but mom frantically came in about her daughter cutting herself and rebelling
2. Meeting with the psychologist about her
3. Todd mouthed off at the P.E. teacher, received a month lunch detention. He wanted suspension.
4. Ana and Melissa are bullying Jessica (pushing, kicking, and stealing her things)
5. Email from P.E. teacher saying my class was too disrespectful and she doesn't want them back in her class

1. Kids + deciding to misbehave and disrespect my student teacher = Mrs. Crane's wrath

1. My class has library time with the librarian at 9:00 (first thing in the morning). During that time, the Vice Principal rushed into my class telling me to go to the library because the librarian was about to quit (of course because of the disrespect of my students).
2. Consequence of misbehavior: lunch with Mrs. Crane. All my students had to take their lunch trays to my class (yes, take up my lunch time so I didn't get one), eat, then put their heads down.
3. Vice Principal informed me that the music teacher, P.E. teacher, and the librarian will not tolerate my kids anymore (I don't blame them) and that they would be sent to our i-class (intervention-class for misbehaved students) from now on.

It's only Wednesday and I don't know what else is in store for me...Spring Break, could you come faster?