Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

i'm ashamed i didn't do a christmas card this year. sorry. one day. but we did do family pictures with the amazing heather bliss. seriously, hire her. do it now. she's great.

we did these back in september, when lucas was almost 3 months (which means i HADN'T, and still haven't, lost all my baby weight). i haven't been able to post them because it was part of my christmas gift to my mom and dad, so i didn't want to go public with them.

forgive the photo overload...i just couldn't help it, my kids are just so darn cute. and i have proof, just scroll down...

i love seeing my kids growing up. lucas is now 6 months. six. wowsers. and believe it or not, he's only gotten cuter. hope you had a merry christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What? Thanksgiving a Month Late?

oopsie, i can't believe i'm just posting about our trip to san fran for thanksgiving. i'm so sorry dave and pauline! anyway, i seriously love the fact that my parents live in san diego, and jeffs in san fran (two best places to visit in the u.s.a...although jeff would definitely beg to differ).

you would think it was going to be a quiet thanksgiving since it was only going to be jeff, his little sis Ash and his big sis, traci. but then...you count in the spouses and kids and boom you have a hundred people for dinner. love it.

i realized that i only have a handful of pictures with lucas...

i love that his shirt is not buttoned all the way up...a little Rico Suave action here.

traci's kids were like little babysitters, and i loved it almost as much as they did...

jeff played hide and seek and had me find lucas. don't worry, he didn't close the door, or leave him unattended. we aren't THAT irresponsible.

thanks in-laws for letting us storm your castle!

this is not san fran anymore...back to provo. poor lucas gets a heavy weight on him daily.

i know i'm biased but look at the kids...

grandpa and grandma came in to town for a quick visit and stayed with us. this picture makes me so happy. i don't see this side of grandpa unless he's around his grandchildren (sofia especially. she's special because she's his only mexican granddaughter).

sofia is obsessed with boots, especially if they aren't hers.