Monday, October 31, 2011

One year older...and wiser too

yep, you read right. sofia is a big girl now. a big 1 year old girl now. i know, i can't believe it either. i love her more now than i did a year ago, who knew that would be possible.

please don't laugh at my ghetto wrapping job.

i didn't want to do anything big, because 1. she won't remember 2. we don't have money and 3. i make fun of moms who go overboard for their kid's first b-day

she ate 2 whole cupcakes. and screamed for more...

this is tio eliot eating an entire cupcake in one bite.

yep, that's cake up her nose.

this is sofia's future man. i'm so glad the prete twins came to celebrate!

i know, i want his hair too.

so again, it was nothing big. but we wanted her to know we love her.

the best gift was from her grandma mama...

can we even compete with her?

dear sofia,
we love you so much. seriously, we are lucky to have you. although you throw really, really good tantrums now and you're not happy because you're getting your top teeth, we are still happy to have you in our family. you love music and bob your head to it when you hear anything. You clap every time people on the TV clap. you love being the center of attention, and you're really good at captivating/entertaining people. did i mention you L.O.V.E food. any kind. green beans especially. thanks for being our gem. we love you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hee Haw

last week we were hicks and went to hee haw farms. only in utah. we went with our good friends, wes and leah, who have a daughter only 4 days younger than sofia. much to my surprise, it was sooo fun. jeff had told me we were going to a pumpkin patch, which excited me...then he said it was a farm, which unexcited me. if you know me at all, i am NOT an animal person. i'm not scared of them, i just think they are gross. ok, maybe a puppy is cute, that's about it.

i was so impressed by my sofia. she had no fear of anything. wild animals, scary old women.

a little goat got free from the petting zoo, and sofia chased it. it was so cute.

sofia got a little too close to this fierce animal. it ended up nibbling at her  hands. you can tell in the picture after this one on how she reacted.

not so happy with the mean goat.

corn box. she loved it, except she kept trying to eat them.

while in the corn maze, sofia was walking extra slow, and i didn't know why. jeff took her shoes off and a flood of corn kernels fell out. poor thing...

i definitely recommend going to Hee Haw farm in Lehi. We will be going next year for sure.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Day

jeff always does a good job with my special day. he took the day off last friday and we spent it eating lunch, going to the canyon to see the waterfall, and just being together. on my actual birthday, jeff through a little surprise party with some of my closest friends. he had cake and ice cream (he actually bought one of those tubs that they serve from at baskin robbins). so we have enough ice cream to last till next june.

sofia thought the party was for her. she entertained our guests like a perfect host. she did get a bit dirty.

see what i mean with the tub of ice cream?

they were singing "happy birthday" to me here, and jeff was using my hands to direct them

i like how mine and sofia's eyes are lazy here...

 glad jeff didn't overload the cake with candles to embarrass me, or to show my real age.

there were so many babies at the party.

Laura's going to hate me for putting this on the blog.

sofia is such a big girl, she looks older than she is, and the fact that she's been walking for 2 months doesn't help. so everyone forgets how young she is...which is why everyone kept feeding her cake at the party. she loved it.

Amanda Claire, my besty, was here! she lives in WA and it was soooo good to have her all to myself.

we love the Larks...sad james couldn't make it

mari never misses anything. niki just had a baby, doesn't look like it, huh?

being the ham that she is, sofia had to put on her costume to entertain...

i love hallie prete.

thanks everyone for a great birthday. once again, my dreams come true year after year.