Sunday, September 23, 2012

"bye dad"

in the morning, sofia is so used to saying "bye dad." she actually says it randomly, even when jeff isn't leaving. she'll just look at him and say, "bye dad." last week we had to say bye dad for a few days. jeffrey, with a few other grad students, flew to north carolina to present research with a professor at a national conference. he's so cool, isn't he? i'm so proud of him.

anyway, he told me about this conference when i was about 5 months pregnant with lucas. i totally freaked out at the thought of being alone with 2 kids, one of them being as young as lucas, and the other as scary as sofia...and lucas wasn't even born yet! i know, i'm ridiculous. moms do it all the time. so, when the time came for him to leave, i was a mess. all i have to say is that i am soooo glad he's back. and that he not allowed to die while we have young kids. we took this picture of him and lucas right before he left:

dad, please don't ever leave us again.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go Diego Go

sofia is obsessed with dora the explorer. what's not to like? a little latina with a monkey friend who talks, and travels through jungles, picking berries, and fighting swiper the fox. oh yeah, and she has a backpack that is like a magical genie. man, i want one of those.

anyway, she was psyched when i told her that she has a cousin named diego, just like dora, and he was coming to visit her. she has loved having people her size around. diego and my sister Melody came for a quick visit and we got to spend some one on one time with diego, and we loved every minute of it.

diego needed a bath, and of course, if the water is running and the bathroom door is open...sofia HAS to jump in as well.

these are two really cute, half mexican kiddos. don't you agree?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

a nice surprise

i got sick again. mastitis only hits 10% of nursing moms, and i get it 2x in 2 and a half months??! what the what? anyway, my tia mary and all of her kiddos came up for a quick surprise. it was the best, and perfect timing with me getting over my sickness. i wish she could come up every weekend and help me out.

sofia and alec, alec and sofia. it was love at first sight. they were so cute together, and surprisingly played really well. i say "surprisingly" because sofia is at "that age" where sharing is not her favorite thing in the world. can you believe that? a one year old who doesn't share? crazy.

there is also one more picture with them taking a bath together, but jeff really doesn't like those kind of pictures. he thinks they are inappropriate. so i won't post them :)

tia mary spoiled lucas. seriously, he loved being held 24/7.

but who wouldn't want to hold this kid. love him.

tia, if you'd like to surprise me monthly, i'd be ok with that. sofia LOVED it. and i LOVED it. that should be enough.

love you Zelalas.