Thursday, March 24, 2011

Made You Smile.

Heather Bliss, my pro photographer best friend, can't help but snap pictures of Sofia. Can you blame her? We had dinner at their this isn't even a photo shoot. She is just picture perfect.

I love the way Sofia looks at her daddy. He makes her smile way too much.


This one is definitely my favorite...I don't know why.

I come in and ruin the picture. I was just getting jealous at this point.


  1. So I've always said I only wanted to have little boys but these pictures make me really want a little girl!

  2. Such adorable pictures! Can this photographer be my friend too? My favorite is the one where Sophia is looking up at Jeff and touching his mouth. So precious! I'm happy that you were able to capture these moments on camera. So when can I finally meet Sophia???? Planning a trip out to Virginia any time soon? : )

  3. Ok, I'm coming to your house this weekend. I want to see that beautiful baby! Hahaha!

  4. Oh Jackie, you have such a perfect family. I love these pictures! Sofia is sooooo georgeous!

  5. Me: Look Eden it's your new little cousin Sofia.
    E: She's Happy!
    Me: Yep that's Tia and Uncle Jeffy.
    E: She's laughing
    Me: Yes, that's Uncle Jeffy's little girl just like your Daddy's little girl.
    E: No that's not his little girl, that's our little baby girl. I want Seth to be a baby girl.

    Such a cutie, enough said.

  6. OH my. I love, love, love. So simple and in the moment. My favorite! p.s. i want your hair!!!