Monday, May 28, 2012

we got a puppy!

those of you who read the title, and know me...would think, "yeah right. she would never allow an animal in the house."

you know me well. i try to run over birds and cats with my car. so you're right. we didn't get a puppy. but why would you when you have an entertaining daughter named sofia, who does a lot of the same tricks?

watch and learn.

she makes us laugh. this was yesterday afternoon (sunday), hence the church music in the background.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

pool time

we decided we wanted to buy a kiddie pool for this summer. sofia loves the water, just can't get enough of it.

before jeff left to work, he set up the pool so my friends and sofia's friends could come over and play. it was a success and we kind of want to do it every week, or maybe every day. still no sign of darkened skin for sofia. i'm crossing my fingers that her mexicaness will come out this summer.

thanks grandma queen for her swimsuit!

check out her matching shoes...

oh that face...

at first only sofia's friend, archie showed up. they loved having the pool to themselves.

we had to drain a lot of water, because sofia and archie kept falling and practically dying. i captured her face once...classic.

then grace gonzalez showed up.

and then more and more came! we were so happy it was a good turn out.

oh how i love summer. i hope i recover fast from labor so that we can party/bbq it up!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is It Noticeable?

sofia always has her hair in her face. i usually put it in a little rubber band to the side. BUT, she doesn't always let me. you see, i have to chase her in order to do her hair. can you imagine a 9 month preggo woman running after a VERY fast toddler? so...i asked jeff, and he said yes.

her hair has grown soooo fast in the past month. love it.



parted the other way...

i was crossing my fingers that i wouldn't butcher it and give jeff a reason to say "told you not to touch her hair." does it look ok? i could only do it while she was strapped in to her high chair, eating strawberries. she could care less if i gave her a mohawk...she had her strawberries.

quick update on sofia:

Sofia Mae Crane 18 and 1/2 months
weight: She lost a pound! Last time she was 29 lbs (98% wowsers) and now she's 28 (92%). I think bc bathing suit season is coming...
height: 33.8 in (95%, she is the avg. height of a 3 year old)
words in english: mom, dad, papa (grandpa), mama (grandma), up, ball, tent, no, book, poop, please, hi, bye
words in spanish: agua (water), mas (more),  bebe (baby), no, boca (mouth)
fav show: Dora
fav food: frozen fruit
fav toy: All of her books, she can't get enough of them. Reads in the car, in her room, anywhere.
teeth: 12 (4 mullers, poor girl. it's been a tough month)
sleeps: I really am amazed how much she loves her sleep time. the only kid i know that runs with excitement to her room when i tell her its bed time, or nap time...and blows me a kiss sometimes when i'm closing the door. amazing. dream kid.

i promise i won't do this every month. i'll do it again when she's 2. you have my word.

i've really been trying to cherish my time with this little girl. i know i have to share my time pretty soon. only a few more weeks that she's our only child. i just love her so much. this little boy has a lot to live up to. totally kidding. we'll like him, i promise.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the in-laws

we were so excited to have grandma and grandpa crane in town for a visit. one of the great things about living in provo is that we get to see a lot of family...for some reason, everyone keeps coming back to utah. i took as many pictures as i could, and then realized that most were of sofia. as usual.

they flew in friday evening, just in time for dinner. we enjoyed a nice "salsa verde chicken taco" night. saturday morn we had an early french toast breakfast. pauline was having trouble drinking the smoothies...sofia so kindly let her borrow her bib...

i love how sofia is giggling in the back...

sofia's in to "high fives" and "pound its." so is grandpa.

we made plans to go up to SLC and visit the city creek mall, and have a late lunch with grandma ruth. we LOVED having an excuse to go back and spend more time at that amazing mall. i love an excuse for shopping. but, before we headed up to salt lake, we visited tia ashley at her apartment...

seriously, if you have a balloon at your house, she will be entertained for hours.

this girl seriously loves her daddy. this new baby boy better love me more because i get so jealous of these two..

she will never do any wrong in his eyes. and she knows it.

aside from all her high fives and pound its, she also is really in to kissing people on the lips (besos)...

then stopped at the BYU bookstore. i think we really only go there when dave and pauline are in town, which is sad because i LOVE this place, for some reason...

then off to SLC to Market Street Grill...

we then celebrated a nice mothers day together with french dip sandwiches, pasta salad, corn on the cob and chocolate cheesecake.

i feel like i was cooking and cleaning the entire week. but it was sooo worth it. grandma and grandpa crane, we sure do love you. we are so lucky to have you visit us. we get to see pauline next month when the babes born, and then both of them again in july for the crane annual family reunion! seriously...we are so blessed. once we go off to phd school, outside of utah...i'm sure no one will visit us anymore. until then, we'll enjoy every minute spent with our loved ones.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grandma/Great Grandma Ruth

jeff's grandma, ruth, lives in SLC and is turning 89 this tuesday! ruth is an amazing woman and we truly look up to her. so we thought it'd be fun to go visit her and take her out for a nice dinner. the city creek mall just opened and we've been dying to visit. it was breath taking. wish we had had more time there...

as always, we (as in jeff and sofia) had to play in the water...

we wanted her to stay in her stroller bc we knew she'd soak herself.

she was NOT a happy camper when we left the water. this is what we call her "funja" face.

...and this is her happy face when we went in to the disney store...

also, i'd like to brag for a second about my husband. he does such an amazing job with the up keep of our yard. just how i get anxiety when the kitchen's dirty, he does when the grass reaches a certain length. he just added red mulch to the greenery of our yard and it made such a difference. i can't imagine the things he'll do for the curb appeal once we actually OWN a home.