Monday, October 3, 2011

Update on My Girl

sofia has been such a good girl lately. i think she's making up for being a crazy baby. hopefully me writing this down doesn't jinx it.

on game days, this is what she looks like. jeffrey dresses her.

Jeff washed the windows this weekend and they look amazing...see?

i love that you can see all 3 of us in this picture, if you look really closely, you can see jeff's reflection.

sofia is so funny. new stuff:

1. she dances a lot
2. she claps
3. she points. (kind of rude, i know)
4. she loves looking at pictures of herself
5. she waves goodbye to people
6. she loves giving "besos" to people, open mouthed.

she is the happiest kid ever when she wakes up. just yesterday, while she was napping, i went in to the kitchen to get water, and i heard sofia cracking up in her room. i had no idea when she woke up, so i grabbed my camera, and recorded this...

(note that her voice is still super raspy, which i love, and i apologize for my very high pitched voice that sounds ridiculously annoying)

wake up time from Jacqueline Crane on Vimeo.

both jeff and i fight over who wants to get her from her crib because we love, love, love it. she's a gem, the best part of our lives. we had no idea how much she would strengthen our home, and our marriage.


  1. Oh she is so super adorable!

  2. So fun!!! I love it!!! Keep the pics and videos coming!!!

    P.S. I love how she's holding chapstick in one of the pictures :)

  3. ok, I don't see Sophia for a month and she's so big!!!! Love her!

  4. She's got so much personality! I love her!

  5. Oh. my. word. She is so adorable. I am convinced she and grace would be best friends. Maybe someday we will live close.:)