Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

what defines me as a person is simple. 3 things. 1) my relationship with my Savior 2.) my family 3.) how i treat other people.  although there are more things that are on the surface ( i hate snow, i love jeopardy, i can shut one eye completely without any creases, ice cream is the best invention ever), these 3 things are at my core.

i am a mormon. i am a christian. i believe Jesus Christ to be my Savior and only through Him can i make it back to heaven. i know that Jesus Christ established His church while He was here. I know that a prophet of God brought it back, in it's entirety, to the earth. i have done my research. i know my Savior knows me and accepts me as a christian.

despite what many are saying on TV, that i am not a christian and that i am a member of a cult, my belief in Him and my church grows stronger daily. please don't tell me what i am or what i am not.

i'm not here to fight or argue. just to let you know that



and you can't tell me otherwise.

learn more about us here. thanks for reading.


  1. You go. So frustrating, isn't it? I guess the people who want to know will figure it out. Those three things really do sum you up. You are incredible!

  2. Inspiring.

    By the way, isn't shutting one eye called winking? I thought pretty much everyone can do that.