Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hee Haw

last week we were hicks and went to hee haw farms. only in utah. we went with our good friends, wes and leah, who have a daughter only 4 days younger than sofia. much to my surprise, it was sooo fun. jeff had told me we were going to a pumpkin patch, which excited me...then he said it was a farm, which unexcited me. if you know me at all, i am NOT an animal person. i'm not scared of them, i just think they are gross. ok, maybe a puppy is cute, that's about it.

i was so impressed by my sofia. she had no fear of anything. wild animals, scary old women.

a little goat got free from the petting zoo, and sofia chased it. it was so cute.

sofia got a little too close to this fierce animal. it ended up nibbling at her  hands. you can tell in the picture after this one on how she reacted.

not so happy with the mean goat.

corn box. she loved it, except she kept trying to eat them.

while in the corn maze, sofia was walking extra slow, and i didn't know why. jeff took her shoes off and a flood of corn kernels fell out. poor thing...

i definitely recommend going to Hee Haw farm in Lehi. We will be going next year for sure.


  1. CUTE! Loved all of the fun pictures. Her headband is fabulous on her. That corn box was sweet, is that weird that I wanted to jump in it? :) Hooray for fall!

  2. This looks like so much fun! Sofia is getting so big :) We miss you guys!

  3. I love Sofia's flower! Glad you guys went a lil country. It's really fun with kids--well I guess you have Jeff who is kind of like a kid, too....

  4. i'm with suzanne - that corn box is amazing. and i want to dive in it too. what a neat little feeling that must have been. i laughed out loud when i read your comments about finding out it was a farm. i hear you sister. we actually went to the fair the other night and went and watched pig races! look at us both turning into little cowgirls. anyway, this looks like a hoot! now i'm even more excited to see sophia in her costume. happy halloween!