Monday, October 31, 2011

One year older...and wiser too

yep, you read right. sofia is a big girl now. a big 1 year old girl now. i know, i can't believe it either. i love her more now than i did a year ago, who knew that would be possible.

please don't laugh at my ghetto wrapping job.

i didn't want to do anything big, because 1. she won't remember 2. we don't have money and 3. i make fun of moms who go overboard for their kid's first b-day

she ate 2 whole cupcakes. and screamed for more...

this is tio eliot eating an entire cupcake in one bite.

yep, that's cake up her nose.

this is sofia's future man. i'm so glad the prete twins came to celebrate!

i know, i want his hair too.

so again, it was nothing big. but we wanted her to know we love her.

the best gift was from her grandma mama...

can we even compete with her?

dear sofia,
we love you so much. seriously, we are lucky to have you. although you throw really, really good tantrums now and you're not happy because you're getting your top teeth, we are still happy to have you in our family. you love music and bob your head to it when you hear anything. You clap every time people on the TV clap. you love being the center of attention, and you're really good at captivating/entertaining people. did i mention you L.O.V.E food. any kind. green beans especially. thanks for being our gem. we love you.


  1. happy birthday beautiful sophia! she is such a doll. looks like a PAR-TY! wish we could have been there :( see you next month! yes!

    ps - amazing that green beans are her favorite... what a fantastic little eater. i think wells hates those the very most, which is saying a lot considering the only thing he'll eat is bananas. you need to teach me your feeding ways at christmas. anyway, miss you guys.

  2. "grandma queen"? Oh man, your Mom is seriously the best! I love her!