Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Day

jeff always does a good job with my special day. he took the day off last friday and we spent it eating lunch, going to the canyon to see the waterfall, and just being together. on my actual birthday, jeff through a little surprise party with some of my closest friends. he had cake and ice cream (he actually bought one of those tubs that they serve from at baskin robbins). so we have enough ice cream to last till next june.

sofia thought the party was for her. she entertained our guests like a perfect host. she did get a bit dirty.

see what i mean with the tub of ice cream?

they were singing "happy birthday" to me here, and jeff was using my hands to direct them

i like how mine and sofia's eyes are lazy here...

 glad jeff didn't overload the cake with candles to embarrass me, or to show my real age.

there were so many babies at the party.

Laura's going to hate me for putting this on the blog.

sofia is such a big girl, she looks older than she is, and the fact that she's been walking for 2 months doesn't help. so everyone forgets how young she is...which is why everyone kept feeding her cake at the party. she loved it.

Amanda Claire, my besty, was here! she lives in WA and it was soooo good to have her all to myself.

we love the Larks...sad james couldn't make it

mari never misses anything. niki just had a baby, doesn't look like it, huh?

being the ham that she is, sofia had to put on her costume to entertain...

i love hallie prete.

thanks everyone for a great birthday. once again, my dreams come true year after year.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Your party looked like SO much fun. Wish we could've stopped by. I love your scarf, as always looking just beautiful.