Sunday, October 9, 2011

her bud

sofia has some good friends around the neighborhood. mayla and crew are in her top 3 friends (she only has 4). sofia and i absolutely love jo williams. she is totally a bff, and can i add that she loves me, like a lot. laughs her head off when i talk to her. so i consider her one of MY bff's. oh, and i LOVE her mama too, which is a total bonus.

andreas hubby, brian, thinks sofia is so advanced (physically) and has a work out schedule for jo so she can keep up with sofia. love it. they are about 4 months apart.

anyone else notice how cute jo's hands are positioned? and then you look over to my baby girl and see the big watermelon/drool stains on her shirt. gross. and notice the difference in leg thickness? wow. that's my healthy mexican.

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