Sunday, October 20, 2013

Snail Mail

although we live in a world of technology, there is just something about getting something in the mail (other than bills). ordering something on amazon, or having the UPS truck stop in front of your house, or getting a card from a family/friend, just does something to me.

i have been overwhelmed by the love i've gotten through snail mail. it started before stela was born. my sister, ariel, sent me a package with a blankie to perfectly match the new nursery, and beanies for the kids she crocheted. stela wore the beanie home from the hospital, and sleeps with the blanket every night. and has already peed on it. so, so thoughtful.

then i received a care package from my good friend, jaime. jaime is one of those kinds of people where it seems like she's up for hours at night making lists of ways she can serve every single person she knows...not just the people she likes. it's amazing, and exhausting. anyway, even though i live hundreds of miles away from her, she still had to spoil me with a care package. so, so thoughtful.

while in the hospital i got a edible arrangements package from my sweet mama. it was heaven sent because the hospital food was disgusting. i gobbled it down...probably should've admired it more, but was too hungry. again, so thoughtful.

after i had stela, when i got home from the hospital, i got a package. my sis-in-law from oregon, traci, had sent me a package. a gift for each person in the family. crazy nice. she has 6 kids, so i'm sure she knows exactly what i'm going through right now.

it's overwhelming how thoughtful people are. makes me want to serve soon as i'm more recovered.


  1. So glad you are feeling loved!! Adorable pics. Stela is beautiful!!