Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ladies of Lubbock

although i moved here from provo, the mecca of LDS moms my age, i have to say...the ladies of lubbock really stepped up to help. its times like these where i am so grateful i am LDS and seriously have no idea what i would do if i wasn't.

before my mother in law came i had two friends, leilani and regan, who were constantly taking sofia from me. they would call, stop by, text and before i knew it...sofia was gone for 2-4 hours at a time...having the time of her life with their daughters. this meant the world to me. you can imagine being 40 weeks pregnant, chasing after a 2 and 1 yr old. i never asked them (i really, really hate asking). they would make me... "hey, i'll pick up sofia at noon." They took her to ballet class when i was in the hospital. it was amazing and exactly what i needed.

i had a list of girls schedules who were available to drop everything (even at 3 am) and watch my kids if i went in to labor (thankfully, my mom in law was in town, so i didn't have to use the list!). when i went in to labor, i texted one friend...just one (joleen)...and an hour later i had a week of dinners organized for me. ah-mazing.

thank you leilani, regan, joleen, aubrey, kirsten, rebecca, roxanne, emily, and channing for watching my kids or making me meals. i barely know you, but i already love you. here's another pic of stela to make it all worth it.

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