Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Tutu and a Tap Shoe

i have waited for this day since i found out i was having a girl. making my daughter do something i am in love with. tap.

today sofia had her ballet class in the morn. and her tap/tumble class in the evening. i seriously teared up just looking at her excited face when she put her outfit and shoes on.

her two, sweet friends from church are also in her ballet class, so she was ecstatic (even though she doesn't look it in the pic)...

i'm so glad and grateful for little alba and violet. sofia needs friends badly and she is always so excited to see them.

she had to have a costume change for tap class...

we decided to add a headband for more dance effect. also, she loves to pose. i love it.

lucas could care less that his sister had her first class today...

still and always will be daddy's girl...

i love this girl.

ps. no baby yet.


  1. Me encanta! She's going to be the best dancer! Can't wait to hear that baby no. 3 is here. Sending lots of hugs your way!!!

  2. So so precious!! I can't believe how old she is looking. And you my friend are so gorgeous, can't wait to see that little babe!