Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh How I love October

what's not to love? scarves, boots, soups, cardigans, pumpkin cookies (let's be honest, anything pumpkin), SOUPs (oh wait, did i already list that one?), leaves, my birthday, AND sofia's birthday. i seriously look forward to this month all year, almost as much as christmas.

so here's some fun things that have been happening throughout this bless-ed month...

GIRLS NIGHT! i live for girls night. wish i had them weekly. ok, i'll admit, wish i had them daily.

these are my gym junkies. i go at 6 am with these crazies and they motivate me to get my baby weight off...

aren't all these ladies so hot? i love having mama friends.

sofia's party was so fun to plan. she has so many little 2 year old buddies and it was so great to see them all dressed up.

my boys...

 what's a party without a pinata? we are so mexican...

 reddick bliss and lucas crane are bound to be besties one day. look at these boys, ladies look out.

grandma queen got sofia this amazing vintage kitchen. sofia has been cooking ever since.

i took this picture when she turned one year. look at this little girl.

so i took the same picture this year. she has grown so much.

i love this little girl. even though her favorite thing right now is to hit other kids (really, it's so embarrassing). i feel like we can't go in public til this phase is over. her favorite word is still "no". oh she is going to be the end of me, but i can't live without her. never want to. happy birthday my sweet little 2 year old. thank you for being such a good little helper, for giving bear hugs to lucas, for taking diapers to the trash for me, for having dance parties with me daily in the kitchen, for being obsessed with the little mermaid, for being able to speak spanish, for saying "hey guys" when you walk in to every room, for saying random "sorrys" to people in public, for popping out from behind the couch and saying "coo coo," for loving your grey boots and wearing them with everything, for pretending to know the lyrics to every song, and for learning so much every single day. i love you every time your heart beats.



  1. What a fun time of year to have a birthday! i am totally planning my next pregnancy around Halloween! ;)

  2. She is too much, sounds like she and Grace would be PERFECT buddies. Happy birthday sweet Sofia. Your note made me laugh and cry, such a good Mom you are.

  3. What a Fun party look at at that hard work you did:) cute kids and decorations too!
    ila anne

  4. Happy Birthday to you! And Happy Birthday to Sofia! She makes a cute lady bug. Great job on the party! Looks like so much fun!

  5. I love this sooo much. You are such a great mommy!