Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Always Playing Catch Up

i don't know where the time goes. one minute i'm changing diapers, the next it's 3 weeks later.

my in-laws came in to town to see ash's off broadway play, "persuasion." she was absolutely amazing. seriously, i was so proud of her, like she was my own daughter. anyway, "papa" and "mama" (sofia's version of grandma and grandpa) were so kind to come for a quick weekend to support their daughter. we loved having them stay with us.

no one made her do this. she loves looking through ads, magazines, etc. she was "papa's" perfect morning buddy...

look at this face. seriously, just look at it.

sorry it took me a while to post this, dave and pauline. we loved having you here!

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  1. Laughing about that first line, I seriously hear you! Must be a mom thing. I'm so glad you had visitors, so much fun. Hey, I just remembered you are getting a niece today!! So exciting. xo