Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Party in the Crane House

over conference weekend, the stephenson clan came from oregon to be with us. 12 people in the crane household. seriously, a party. it was a super quick weekend, but it was enough for sofia to use blake as a punching bag. sorry blake.

i'm surprised that a restaurant let us in. i think they were happy to see us leave (mainly because of sofia). sad that mine was the loudest out of 8.

girls night at spark! we are definitely doing this more often. thanksgiving time ladies??

here they are...all 8 of them! can you pick out which one is mine?? blake looks a little like he could be mine :)

ice blocking down rock canyon park!

thanks chad, traci, faith, kayla, paige, carly, blake, and jenna for coming to provo! loved having you.

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  1. Who's that creepy guy behind us at Spark?? It was very, very fun! Thanks for having us!