Sunday, November 4, 2012


i'm 5'2. jeff's almost 6'4. apparently that combination makes off the chart babies.

lucas jefferson crane: 4 months at a glance

weight: 15 lbs 6 oz (50%)
length: 27 in. 85%

sofia mae crane: 2 years at a glance

weight: 34 lbs (100%)
length: 36 in. (95%)

100 percentile?? seriously. what am i feeding her? apparently everything. she is just so thick, solid, and juicy. i love it. lucas is where sofia was at 6 months. believe it or not, sofia was very petite until she hit 9 months. if he continues to grow this fast...who knows the size he'll be when he's sofia's age! love my kiddos.

yes, that's sofia in dad's shoes...oh and thats a bib, not a shirt.

this is jeff's most prized possession. a BYU cougar football helmet, signed by the team.

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