Sunday, September 23, 2012

"bye dad"

in the morning, sofia is so used to saying "bye dad." she actually says it randomly, even when jeff isn't leaving. she'll just look at him and say, "bye dad." last week we had to say bye dad for a few days. jeffrey, with a few other grad students, flew to north carolina to present research with a professor at a national conference. he's so cool, isn't he? i'm so proud of him.

anyway, he told me about this conference when i was about 5 months pregnant with lucas. i totally freaked out at the thought of being alone with 2 kids, one of them being as young as lucas, and the other as scary as sofia...and lucas wasn't even born yet! i know, i'm ridiculous. moms do it all the time. so, when the time came for him to leave, i was a mess. all i have to say is that i am soooo glad he's back. and that he not allowed to die while we have young kids. we took this picture of him and lucas right before he left:

dad, please don't ever leave us again.


  1. Lucas looks like a doll in that picture! I'm so excited I get to see him soon!!

  2. I know how you feel! james went out of town a few times for anywhere from 3-6 days at a time while I was pregnant with Elsie (and I do not have nice pregnancies). And he is going out of town in the beginning of November for 5 days. If I make it through those 5 days, it will be a miracle!!! And then he's doing it to me all over again in january. I know some may think I'm a wuss, but I have my limits. I could never be an army wife.

  3. That onesie!!! Your children are adorable, love these pictures.