Friday, March 9, 2012

spring is almost here

but before spring comes...we had to enjoy one of the only good things that comes from snow. my husband being absolutely ecstatic that it snowed enough to go sledding. ok, i admit, i was a little happy (i said a little) because i really wanted to see sofia sled for the first time. i love this girl, with a love that i never knew i had.

the only bad thing, was that after the fun slide down the hill, was the long trek up the hill, which sofia insisted on walking.

we tried taking a family picture...they were all unsuccessful. sorry.

now spring can come. now that the sledding is over.


  1. looks like a great kid hill, i miss sledding now and those two look like they had a lot of fun :)

  2. Hi Jackie! I found your blog through your facebook. Your little girl is darling and congrats on a baby boy coming your way! Hope we can keep in touch a little through the blog world. Life is good! :)