Saturday, March 17, 2012

more of her

sofia is our life. everything she does is cute. well except when she kicks me in the stomach and screams when i'm trying to change her, oh and maybe not when she hits my face. other than that, she's adorable.

she's looking more and more like a toddler...which makes me so happy. i am so not a baby person, never baby hungry. the older, the better. everyone tells me i'll miss her as a far, nope.

she's had this "strawberry patch" on the back of her neck since birth. do you see it?

 eyes...still light.

i keep telling myself to do this, and every month i forget. i need to document better! my blog is my journal, shame on me. i'll get more accurate weight/height at her next check up.

Sofia Mae Crane 17 months
weight: a lot (she's was over 25 lbs at her 12 month!)
height: again, don't know (I'll find out next month)
words in english: mom, dad, papa (grandpa), mama (grandma), up, ball, tent, no, book
words in spanish: agua (water), mas (more),  bebe (baby), no
fav show: mickey mouse club house
fav food: green beans
fav toy: her bebe (her baby doll) Tia Mary, you got this for her last July and she hasn't touched it till now!
teeth: 9 (including one muller)
sleeps: all night (bedtime is 8 pm); takes one nap 2-3 hrs. she is so easy to put down, loves drinking her milk, brushing her teeth, and walks right to her crib, waiting for us to lift her in.

sofia, you are sooo smart. when i ask you, "quieres leche?" you walk to the fridge and wait patiently for your milk. when i say "ponga tus zapatos," you walk to your room and get your shoes, then you walk to the door and wait to leave. when i say "dale un beso a tu hermano," you lift up my shirt and kiss my belly. you also cannot control your body. once you hear music, you have to stop and dance. you have no stranger danger, and are absolutely in love with dogs. you would trade your mom and dad for a cell phone. but we still love you. a lot.


  1. She's such a cutie! Olivia is learning Spanish too. If they ever get together, they can chatter in whichever language they want :)

  2. She is getting so grown up! It's true, they look more like little girls and less like babies now. Also,Brinley has a strawberry patch there too,crazy.

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