Saturday, March 24, 2012

playing catch up

a couple of weeks ago we visited an old family friend. almost 20 years ago, elder christian faulconer baptized me in san diego. he lives in provo, and i got to go to his house for dinner and see his 4 beautiful kids, and lovely wife. it was so much fun. sofia absolutely loved their house. not only did they have 10x the amount of toys she has, but they also had a very friendly cat she fell in love with instantly.

i was trying to take a picture of christian and his family, but sofia stepped in the way. you can see them laughing in the background.

here's the picture, without sofia stepping center stage. their youngest is hiding behind the couch :)

jeff and i love to take sofia to the park together. i mainly love it when he goes so that i don't have to be the big pregnant lady chasing her kid up a jungle gym, or trying to get her out of a tunnel she's "stuck in."

poor girl, i'm always adjusting her hair.

she looks so chubby here. i love it. she has a neck, i promise.

she kept running down the hills. we tried teaching her to roll down em, but she didn't quite get the concept.

we are itching for summer to arrive. 

one last thing. i just love the following picture of sofia. she's really in to wearing sun glasses right now...


  1. Their son Ben is in my class at Westridge! He is so cute! And his mom is super nice. How cool!

  2. And Maggie is in my class. I was pretty much going to say exactly what Breanna said... I love that family!