Sunday, March 4, 2012


whenever the Bliss come over (our good friends who just had a baby), sofia likes to revert to her baby years. yes, she's still a baby, but, not really. she's been walking now for about 8 months. and she surely eats like a toddler. anyway, she see's baby reddick and wants to be held like a baby, and sit in his car seat. so, after reddick was swaddled to go to sleep, sofia needed to be swaddled. we thought we needed good practice before baby boy crane comes, so we did it. don't judge us. she didn't go to sleep after this...unfortunately.

she looks huge, huh?

told you she's weird.


  1. Reagan did the same thing after Samuel was born! Would sit in his bouncer, car seat, wanted to be held like a baby, burped like a baby, wanted to suck on a pacifier. He would even get up on my lap and start to lift up my shirt to be fed like the baby. Don't didn't go further than that. ; ) Silly kids.

  2. We need to get photos of her in the car seat too! :)