Thursday, February 9, 2012

to the rescue

i really wish i lived by family. any at all would do. my side, jeff's side. i don't care. this is something that jeff and i differ in. it's one of our many "discussions" (arguments) we have over and over.

it's really hard being a stay-at-home mama. don't get me wrong, i'm so grateful to be the one raising my daughter, since there are so many mom's that don't get that option. but it's Hard, capital h.

the hard part for me is that jeff comes home around 8:45ish. isn't that late? i usually shut off as mom A LOT earlier than that. i have to do sofia's bedtime routine alone. i know i'm only 5 month pregnant...but sofia almost weighs 26 pounds. try lifting that just to wash hands, or brush teeth.

the other night it was 7 pm and sofia was doing her usual "take all the dvd's out of their spots and spread em everywhere" routine, when there was a knock at the door. it was Tia Ash. sofia's only auntie in provo. she was only dropping off a tupperware i had let her borrow, and ended up staying over an hour and doing the following:

  • entertaining my daughter, including running around with her and dancing
  • changing her diaper 2x (POOP diapers), yes she pooped twice in an hour
  • and while i was putting sofia down, washed my dishes
i seriously cried. this is why i want to live by family. i'm so grateful she's at BYU and i have someone here who's related.

i know my family would do so much for me if they could. just like i would for them.


  1. I hear ya sister! I wish all the time that we had family nearby... So glad that Tia could be there for you.

    1. we just moved away from family, while we have more time for our little family, I sure miss them!!! My babe is already 21 lbs I'm in trouble when he gets older!

  2. All I have to say is Amen! Mike is out of town on business for the next few months and I'll count myself lucky if my kids are still living and/or I don't have a nervous breakdown : )

  3. Your prayers are being answered...Zoe will be there in less than 6 months! Maybe I should just send you Audrey too. :) one to clean and do laundry and the other to be the nanny. Never mind now I know why they have so many years between them... Amo. least we have our ward families. Some moms have no one.