Friday, February 17, 2012


my brother in law, bret, and sister in law, emily, are very patient people. seriously. not just because they have a lot of kids. emily just spent the last nine months of her life creating another life...and didn't even know if it was a boy or girl. THAT'S patience. i barely have enough patience to wait 5 months to find out, let alone 9.
today they welcomed in to the world their son, grayson henry crane. weighing a whopping 9 lbs. em is so tiny, how could he (and gavin) fit in there??

i know i can't meet him till our family reunion, which means now i have to have patience. not cool.

This kid has no idea how lucky he is to be in this family. congrats bret, emily, abby, mckenna, zachary, gavin, and sadie!

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