Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Crane Daily Routine

jeff loves to dance. when i first met him, i really didn't think he looked like the dancing type. tall. thin. white. he danced for me on one of our dates and all i could think of was: usher. black. wow.

most of you who know me, know that i, too, love to dance. so, we knew that our children would inherit this quality of ours (is it a quality? maybe i should say love). 

we have a dance party daily at the crane home, usually when jeff comes home from school. or when we're getting ready. i love it. here's a glimpse:


  1. Sofia is so gangsta! PS - You could always name your little boy Tij. I'm not using it for a first name so it's up for grabs ;)

  2. I love it!! She's such a doll. And your video skills rock! Any chance you have some free time coming up to help me with a project?