Thursday, February 23, 2012


she's so weird. seriously, her personality is super strong and she's so young. what gets me through the day is the hilarious, weird, funny stuff she does. the other day she walked around with jeff's baseball cap on backwards, completely covering her sight, and kept walking in to walls. but wouldn't dare take it off to look.

today this is what she did. jeff took out this baby thing, and she wanted to play in it.

she wore her halloween monkey cap all day today. her choice. not mine.

and yes, that's a root beer bottle in her hand. an EMPTY root beer bottle. she took it out of the trash (which is another thing she does a lot. gross)

i also caught her in a drawer in the kitchen today. literally in it.

can't even begin to tell you how much jeff and i just stare at her and laugh.


  1. She's hilarious! Remember how she ran into the dishwasher yesterday? I'm still laughing to myself about it.

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  3. I love this with all my heart and soul!

  4. i know the feeling, about the staring and laughing, and it gets better and better :) she will be the baby item inspector you can count on that. eden got in all seats, swings and used everything before Cohen, it was like Christmas when we got it all out right before Coco came home, and Coco did the same for Seth. Love you and your cute monkey!