Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two in One

i have 2 blog posts in 1 today. hope that's ok with you. my first one is dedicated to my sister, candice. she just started her new job as a 2nd grade teacher in virginia. this is HUGE because she has been patiently waiting for a job for a while now. i wish i could've been there to make her breakfast, pack her a lunch, and meet her at the bus when she returned home. sofia and i sent her this the morning of her first day...

we love her sooo much! i really miss being a teacher, so i'm going to live through her.

labor day. we sure do love our best friends here. the bliss (that's their actual last name) mean the world to us and it's even more exciting now that they are expecting a little one of their own. sofia adores them. tio eliot is amazing with kids and sofia genuinely loves him...

don't you LOVE the new feather headband i got her??? i sure do...

she always has a smile on her face when he's around.

i have to explain this next one, so he doesn't look like a pedophile. sofia has been coughing a lot lately, so we got some infant vicks vapor rub. we put her shirt over her head to rub it on her chest, but she wasn't having it and got fussy. eliot jumped in and started reading a book to her. sorry i didn't get the book in the picture.

i love that their mouths are in the same shape...

the following pictures are of sofia, just because. i liked her outfit. and i just loved her little body in it.

i don't remember what she was doing here...but it's cute.

and hello cheeks. yes, my baby is 20 lbs now.

never thought i could love like this.


  1. SHE IS SO STINKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks again for your note! I LOVE it :)


  2. OH my goodness she is getting so big and so cute. Her headbands are a-dorable. Speaking of which that reminds me of something I still need to send you...:)

  3. that last picture makes my heart melt! she DID look very beautiful that day. i love her little body in those clothes too. okay now i sound like a pedophile. miss you guys - we were just talking about buying christmas plane tickets... you better be there! we're already super excited. i can't go longer than that without my sophia and we need to have a birthday party for her. loves!

  4. I have to say that Sofia is really cute but there is a weirdo in a few of these pictures with his eyes wide open. The pictures would have looked a lot better had he just closed his eyes. Oh well, Sofia makes up for it.

  5. Oh my gosh she's getting so big!! Jackie I love your blog, it's darling. :) Miss you!

  6. Stylish and gorgeous like her mummy!

  7. Such cute pictures Jackie! My daughter Cielo is 15 months and 21.6lbs, she's petite :)