Sunday, September 11, 2011


i remember i was on my way to seminary, my senior year of high school, and i started flipping through the radio stations. i got mad because it was just news reports and no one was playing any music. so i turned it off. i'm an idiot. little did i know that so many lives were about to change.

the following hours were horrific, and i have images eternally imprinted in my brain and heart. i can't believe it's been 10 years.

i heard this song on the radio on saturday. i broke down crying. take a second to listen. sorry it's so gigantic, just hit play.

i know not many read my blog, but those who do, i want you to know that i truly thought of the families that lost loved ones.

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  1. funny thats just how it was for me! I got out of seminary and my dad picked us up to take us to school (that never happened) and he was listening to the news. I was annoyed when I got it the car and I tried to change the channel and my dad stopped me and told me a plane just crashed into the WTC. Our days were pretty similar!