Friday, September 9, 2011

Girls Night. Much Needed.

a stay at home mom needs to get out. at least once a day, even it's to the grocery store. well, it's a good thing i have good friends who agreed to get out with me. we enjoyed a night out at spark restaurant, which by the way, is delicious and i wish more people in provo would go to that place.

bree, me, andrea
bree has a baby boy named archie (8 months old), andrea has a baby girl named josie (7 months old).

heather, laura
heather bliss is expecting a little one in december, laura has twins who turn 3 this month (which i can't believe because when we met, her twinners were younger than sofia!).

these are the kind of friends that stick around. the ones i see daily or at least talk/text daily. they each have a different story, have such different personalities, and so much good advice. it's really nice not having to be alone and its one of the reasons i'm so glad we stuck around here for grad school.

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  1. Jackie! You are looking so so SO pretty. I love your hair! Glad you got a night out, I agree a mother has to get out at LEAST once a day. Being a stay at home mom after teaching is a huge adjustment! Hope you are doing well.