Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our First Trip to WY

for some reason, my best friends like to move away from me. maybe it's me. who knows? the pretes moved away from us almost a year ago, and somehow, laura and i get to see each other every other month. i love it. we decided to go to wyoming and spend the day with them! thanks to my mom (and carmy), my kids have snow gear...

(if you look close enough, you'll see lucas' double buggers, like in dumb and dumber)

the kids had zero fear going down the steep hills.

i met these twins when they were 6 months old. 6 months!!! now they are 4, and all grown up.

i  get my hair done by laura, so i thought it would be way better if she trimmed sofia's bangs rather than me butchering it every month. give this girl candy and she'll do anything for you...

picnic dinner on the floor. ps. she's naked because she had a total blow out (which hasn't happened since she was a baby!) embarrassing.

sorry jeff and nathan that i didn't capture you two together. next time. we are definitely going up there a few more times before we leave provo, whether or not they want us to.